Full time Minister - Vacant


Reverend Emery Cawsey - Interim Moderator


Reverend Allen Ye - Minister in Association

Allen is born and raised in Toronto, having been brought up in the Christian faith by his parents. Having gone to Markham Chinese Presbyterian Church (MCPC) as a child, his faith journey was influenced heavily during his formative years in this community. As well, he received much of his Christian Education at People’s Christian Academy. 

Allen credits much of his growth in faith while spending time in the Cornerstone Fellowship (the high school fellowship at MCPC), but didn’t feel the call into the ministry until he was working on his undergraduate degree at York University.  There, he went on two missions trips, realizing that he was being called to receive seminary training.

In 2003, Allen began his training at Tyndale University and Seminary, and a year after that transferred to Knox College in order to be certified for ordination within the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He graduated from Knox College in May of 2007. Allen received the call to come and serve as the Associate Minister at Vancouver Chinese Presbyterian Church from 2008 - 2012.  He then served at Coquitlam Presbyterian Church as their Director of Outreach and Discipleship from 2012 - 2014.  

In 2014 he moved to Prince George, BC with his wife and joined the community of faith at St. Giles' Presbyterian Church (SGPC) as their Minister in Association in 2016.  After the retirement of Rev. Herb Hilder at the end of 2019, he now serves as the quarter-time Minister at SGPC until a new Minister is called.

Johanna Koornneef - Coordinator of Family Ministries

Johanna is originally from Ontario where she grew up attending a CRC church and Christian school.  She came to us after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Ministry from Prairie Bible Institute and spending her summers and internship at our local Bible camp Ness Lake.  She loves to go camping, hiking and hang out with her cat. 

Johanna has been serving our congregation since 2016 as our Coordinator of Family Ministries.  She helps organize special services, activities, Sunday school, outreach and many other things.