At St. Giles we want you to be comfortable.  When you visit on a Sunday, you will experience great music, a message relevant to your life, friendly people, and an enjoyable atmosphere.
The first thing you'll notice is our casual atmosphere with people of all ages and walks of life.  We're more concerned about your real-life needs than we are about what you wear.  Dress casually and you'll fit right in.
Music has the power to speak to our hearts.  Our worship team varies from week to week but each team will lead us in upbeat, contemporary songs of celebration, more intimate songs of worship, as well as traditional hymns.  We recognize that everyone worships in his or her own unique way.  For some that means singing & clapping, and for others that means quietly reflecting on the words.  Some enjoy standing while others prefer to sit.  You're welcome to do whatever makes you comfortable.
Our messages focus on real life issues.  We want you to be able to say that what we talked about on the weekend gave you something that could be help you on Monday: in your family, at your work, or with your life.  It's not about religion; it's about a relationship with God.  It's not about pretending that we're perfect; it's about a God who is willing to give His grace to allow us to grow.
...for your children
Children are very important at St. Giles.  We are committed to your children having a great experience too.  We offer age appropriate programs from nursery to grade 6.  Volunteers create a safe, fun place for children to learn practical lessons from the Bible and begin to develop a relationship with God.
...after the service
When the service is done, people of all ages are invited to the hall for a time of refreshments and an opportunity to connect.  Plan on staying so that we can welcome you to the St. Giles' family in a more informal way.
...getting more involved
St. Giles provides a wide range of opportunities for adults and children to move beyond Sunday worship gatherings and into deeper more meaningful relationships with Jesus and each other.  To discover ways to become more involved, consider the following:
    • spend some time looking at more details on this website
    • read the announcements in our weekly bulletin
    • connect with a member of our staff or an elder
Please be sure to contact our office staff during the week if we can answer any further questions that you might have.  Phone 250-564-6494 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.