Our Joyful Response to God

Giving is a joyful celebration of God’s generosity to us and a sign of our ongoing dependence on God. Giving is more than monetary donations. We open the doors of our homes for hospitality. We share our tools, our cooking ingredients, our vehicles, our knowledge, our skills, our recreation toys, and our time with the world around us. Through our generosity, we support God’s work in our church community and in the world.

Our General Fund

This fund allows us to keep our church running and warm, pay our staff, and run our various ministries.

Other Supported Missions

St. Giles supports mission organizations and people both in Prince George and around the world.  Each year we pick a goal to try to reach to financially support each of these missions.  You can find our progress or more information about these missions by checking out our thermometer bulletin board at the church.

Ways to Contribute
Volunteer your time with one of our ministries
    • Speak with someone in the office to find out the various areas that we are currently looking for help in. Or take a look through our website and our bulletins and ask to join something that you are excited to serve God through.
Join the prayer chain 
    • Contact the office and become part of the email prayer chain that prays for the needs of our church, community, friends, and families.
Online and mobile giving
    • – through our website or the Green mobile app. To use this option, it is important to create an account in order to access the full range of possible options, including keeping track of your giving.  If you wish to give to more than the General Budget in each transaction, you have the option of four other choices by hitting the plus sign under the giving amount. Also, your member ID number is your envelope number.

    • E-transfers – You may send an E-transfer to All E-transfers will be auto-deposited, so there is no need to set up a security question. Funds donated in this way will be assumed to be for General Budget. If you wish part or all of your donation to be designated for one of our Missions, Benevolence, the Building Improvement Fund etc, please state this in the message/note line of the e-transfer, or send a separate email to  If you have any questions about this, please contact Karenza.
Pre-authorised Remittances (PAR)
    • PAR or Pre-Authorized Remittance is a direct debit program that allows people to support the church through an automatic monthly withdrawal from their bank account. To participate in this plan, an individual must complete an authorization form which you can obtain from the office.
Offering Plate
    • During each worship service, we collect an offering. Cash gifts can be made during this time. If you are attending regularly, please ask the Envelope Secretary for envelopes so your gifts can be receipted at the end of the year.
Will My Donations Be Used for the Purposes I Have Designated?

Spending of funds is confined to St. Giles’ approved programs and projects. Our budget is available on the Annual Reports page.  All the donations made to various missions projects go to those projects.  If the projected target is not met by specified donations, the shortfall is not made up out of the General Budget donations.